FAQ | Homeowners Association Insurance


About Agilius

    1. Online – Agilius is the only place where you can get bindable quotes online for commercial real estate insurance.
    2. More affordable – we help you figure out what coverage you really need, we provide you with multiple quotes allowing you to compare, we use cost effective technology where others use people, passing the savings to you.
    3. Top carriers – we work only with top (A/A++ rated) carriers such as PHLY and Chubb, so you know you are getting the best possible coverage.
    4. Choice – our unique online approach allows you to easily customize coverage to your needs
    5. Quick – working with a traditional offline agent means waiting up to a couple of weeks just to get a quote, we give you quotes in minutes.
    6. Easy – working with an offline agent, you need to answer close to 100 questions on the insurance application form, and you need to fill in a new form if you want more than one quote… using technology and big data, we only ask for the absolutely necessary questions… our technology does the rest to provide you with timely bindable quotes from multiple carriers.
    7. Safe – Some agents will “fill the form for you”, which could be disastrous and is strongly discouraged; as an HOA board member/building owner you are liable for any mistakes or misrepresentations your agent makes, so like with any other multi million dollar contract you sign, you should control the process.
  • If you like leaving money on the table, you can… getting a competitive quote from Agilius would only take you a few minutes, you can even send us your existing policy and we will do all the work to save you up to 50% on same or better coverage. We will also take care of canceling your existing policy so it’s really a no-brainer to check us out! challenge us!

  • Given that your insurance policy is with a top insurance carrier, that carrier is responsible to pay any justified claim you submit regardless of whether Agilius (which is your agency) is still in business or not. As we only work with top, A/A++ rated carriers, holding trillions of $s of risk capital mandated by strict US regulations you know you are covered from all angles.

  • The financial strength of our partner insurance companies who are the ones responsible to pay your claims, is A/A++. Financial strength rating agencies such as AM best do not rank insurance brokerages such as Agilius.

  • Agilius was founded in 2019 by insurance industry veterans who previously built and managed >$100M insurance businesses throughout the last 20 years (e.g. Insurance.com, carinsurance.com). Our partner carriers (who are the ones responsible to pay your claims) have been in business for decades (Philadelphia insurance has been in business for over 50 years) and sometime centuries (Chubb has been in business since 1882…)

Insurance Coverage

  • Agilius prides itself on the technology it built which makes the process of buying insurance easier, seamless and more affordable. But this doesn’t come at the expense of providing you the best guidance by highly experienced licensed insurance agents and advisors. Give us a call anytime or chat with us online and we promise to help you figure out the best coverage for you.

  • The Covenants Restrictions & Regulations or CC&R of your Homeowner Association define whether or not your HOA is required to maintain an HOA master insurance policy and the details of coverage that needs to be maintained. In the vast majority of cases, the CC&R do require a Homeowner Association master insurance policy to be purchased and maintained. In fact if any of the unit owners within the HOA have financed the purchase of their unit with a mortgage lender would usually require proof of an HOA master policy before approving the Mortgage.

  • An HOA master insurance policy typically includes the following components:
    1. Commercial Property - This policy is intended to cover property damage to the building and common areas
    2. Commercial General Liability - This insurance policy protects the HOA/building owner against liability for claims alleging third bodily injury and/or property damage
    3. Umbrella - This policy is issued to provide limits in excess of the HOA/building owner’s General Liability Policy
    4. Crime/Fidelity - Crime and Fidelity Insurance protects the HOA/building owner’s operating and reserve accounts
    5. Directors & Officers - This insurance policy is maintained to protect the HOA board from lawsuits.
    6. Worker’s compensation - typically covering unpaid or volunteer staff.
    Not all HOA master policies contain all of the above components, the composition of coverage is dependent upon the association’s needs and upon its governing documents (the Covenants Restrictions & Regulations or CC&R)


  • Just give us a call at (877) 415-8901 and we will immediately help you submit your claim. Your claim is our claim. We will be accessible throughout the process to provide reliable service and sage advice. A staff of seasoned professionals will manage and simplify the claims process for you. We take a client-service driven approach and will passionately advocate on your behalf. We will always be on your side of the table.