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Who We Insure

Agilius specializes in real estate insurance, that's all we do. So we know exactly what unique coverage options each of our customer segments need. Whether you are an HOA board member, property manager, building owner or developer, Agilius's unique combination of technology and expert advice makes finding the best coverage at the most affordable price as easy as booking a flight.

Homeowner Associations

We provide expert advice to HOA boards looking for the most suitable coverage options that would keep them and their tenants safe, at the most affordable price. Our insurance packages all include property, liability, D&O and Employee dishonesty coverage, as well as other optional coverage options. Our experts are available for you as a resource, to help build the best coverage package.

Property Managers

In many cases, the building management company is asked by the HOA board to help obtain insurance coverage options. We give building managers seamless access to more quotes than they can obtain from an agent, in much less time, at very competitive prices. This means that the top building managers who are constantly looking for ways to improve the cost effectiveness of the building operation, can leverage Agilius to excel in their jobs, and do it in much less time.


Reducing the cost of HOA insurance helps developers sell condos, as condo buyers consider the total cost of the HOA as a magor component in their purchase decision. Developers are often the ones who obtain the first HOA policy for a condo building, as the HOA is regulated in many jurisdictions and a developer has to include insurance coverage options in their initial filings to the state.

Building Owners

The cost of property and casualty insurance comes straight out of a building owner’s bottom line profit and can impact the value of the property itself as insurance premiums are one of the most expensive operating costs for any given asset. Thus, finding the most suitable coverage to preserve the investment at the most cost effective price is both a protective measure and a potential profit enhancement opportunity for building owners.

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